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Another Recent IM Session . . .

Tim: I just feel like the world today is just destroying our youth
Cassie: that and not alot of ppl are covering them in prayer…they just call it “humanity problems” and ignore it
Tim: yes
Tim: this issue of moral relativism (sry for the big words) is getting worse by the day
Cassie: it really is
Cassie: we need to start making just praying for these kids a deal every day instead of just waiting until one kid blows up with problems
Tim: yes
Tim: absolutely
Tim: I’m starting to see also, how it seems moral relativism is creeping into the Christian community also
Cassie: definitely
Tim: don’t get me wrong, I’m not a legalist by any means…
Tim: but God’s truth is firm, it’s not wishy-washy
Cassie: hey i believe that 100%
Tim: His truth is also compassionate…and I think we are not clear on how compassion comes into it…I think we distort compassion with tolerance.

By Tim Nolte

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