WordCamp GR 2017 – Plugins: The WP Box of Chocolates – Stacy Vanden Heuvel

Stacy Vanden Heuvel – (blog)

  1. What are they?
    • Premanufactured code that adds function and features.
    • 51,000+ plugins available today.
    • Dropped into a site.
    • There is a plugin or everything.
  2. Why does anyone care?
    • Makes website building easier.
  3. How do you choose?
    • How many active installs?
    • Does it have reputable developers?
    • When was it last updated?
    • What are the ratings? – need to take these with a grain of salt
    • Is it compatible with the current release?
    • Does it fit with exactly what you need it to do?
  4. Plugin Examples
  5. Resources


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