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Life Without Internet…Wednesday

So back to Wednesday…it was a bit of a crazy day, as most Wednesdays are. I basically headed straight to church after work. I had Sunday Morning Worship Team practice before youth group. I started early with just Brad. It can be a real challenge for me as I’m not used to playing in more […]

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Apple’s Makin Me Angry, Help Comes to the Rescue!

Ok, so I’ve been a little frustrated with the new iTunes. I’ve actually reverted back to the previous version. It took some hunting to actually find the old installer. I decided to help others out who also wanted to go back to 4.9 and I posted the instructions that worked for me along with a […]

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iTunes 5 Not Ready for Prime Time…

So I got home tonight and wanted to checkout the news from Apple today. I saw the ads for the new iPod Neo and the iTunes phone. I also saw that there was a new iTunes 5. I went to Software Updates and upgraded my iTunes, I’ve done this in the past without problems. Well […]