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Making Blogging An Easy Alternative

In an effort to make blogging an easy alternative I’ve given the WordPress app a prominent place on my phone dock. Looking forward to a new year of sharing!

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Odd Holiday Week, Real Healthy Living Test

This was a strange Holiday season with the timing of how Christmas and New Years fell, day-of-the-week wise. We had to celebrate our own Christmas a couple of days early and then traveled over the Holidays. Neither Christmas or New Years has felt like it was actually happening. We’ll still be celebrating Christmas with my […]


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So I follow a lot of WordPress folks, given that I manage multiple WordPress sites and have been apart of multiple WordPress development efforts. Aaron Jorbin recently blogged about a few simple ways to blog more. Here’s my first pre-2017 blog post, taking Aaron’s advice. Peru, Illinois, United States of America

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Considering Shaking Off The Dust

So I had a great time at WordCamp Grand Rapids this past weekend. As a result I’m deeply considering dusting of my websites, and blog, and attempting to be more active. Life is crazy busy but I know that writing down my thoughts had always been good for me in the past. Consider this post […]

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Dusting Off The Blog in The Corner

I’m going to keep this a little short as I’m actually typing this all out on my phone. I decided to try to consolidate and at the same time bring my old blog up-to-date and back into the picture. I haven’t really taken the time to blog in years. Going to perhaps pick things up […]