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Being A Developer For Life…Can I Keep It Up?

photo credit: LeeroyBy now you’ve probably seen the viral clip of a father getting interrupted by his children while giving a live interview on BBC. Working parents everywhere, especially remote workers, could identify with the humorous embarrassment of the situation. Even those who have had pets interrupt Skype calls know the feeling. You want to… via […]


I’m A Geek…Of Course

Well, this is just a short post to test out my own new URL shortening service thanks to the help of So now when I post something my links should us Yes, I’m a geek. 😉

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Life’s Lows…

No worries, things are good I just seem to be suffering from some social withdrawal. That being said God is working on my patience, thank goodness. I’m fighting my mind daily, but it’s been those times God has given me the ability to just give it to Him. Something that is interesting, I’ve been have […]

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I’m Addicted…

So I’ve discovered that I’m totally addicted to tweaking my blog. I just can’t stop! LOL 😛 I think it’s the perfectionist in me. Can’t I be content with the way it is…of course not. Technology changes daily, and so must my blog! LOL 😛 Well, I must get back to work.