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Life’s Lows…

No worries, things are good I just seem to be suffering from some social withdrawal. That being said God is working on my patience, thank goodness. I’m fighting my mind daily, but it’s been those times God has given me the ability to just give it to Him. Something that is interesting, I’ve been have […]

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A Day of Blessings…

Well today has been such a full day of blessings. The sermon this morning, given by President Egge, was on generosity and not just about giving money, but the generosity that Christ showed to all through time & help. It was really good to hear about being generous in all areas of your life, following […]

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Is God Leading Me…Well of Course

Hmm…so as I was just beginning to type this post I’m thinking once again. What is really ok to be sharing and what isn’t. I tend to be almost an open book with my life on here. Is this ok. My ultimate concern is how the people that read it might be effected, especially if […]