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Podcasting Site as Featured Author…

Just wanted to do a quick announcement that my podcasting site, Faith Shaping, has been featured on the Numly website. This will be up for the whole week. If you haven’t checked out my podcast or the daily thoughts posted there check it out. God bless!

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Taking A Moment To Update…

Well, fine folks who have been patiently, or impatiently, been waiting for my next real post. I’m taking this time I have during lunch to give a little recap of what’s been going on in my life. I’ve been working to reduce the stress in my life and not take on anymore work. The only […]

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Busy Days, Lazy Nights…

Just wanted to make a quick post. My days, Monday & Tuesday, were crazy busy. On the other hand both evenings were kind of lazy on my part. Monday I did try working on recording some music. That would have been better if I ended up actually having something to show for the time I […]

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Weekend of Rest and Learning

Well, I have to say that it has been a pretty nice weekend of rest. I know that I haven’t been as regular in the blog posts. I’m still going to have to work to remedy that. I’ve actually half thought about adding an audio component to my regular blog. Since I’ve got this podcasting […]

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A Little Life Update…

Well, I have to say that life is still kind of up and down for me. I’m beginning to realize that being busy is probably in my nature. As I think back to my high school and college days, I remember being a pretty active guy. And to think I have shy tendencies, lol. I […]

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Podcasting Test…

Well, I’m hoping to begin a podcast that will be focused on the Life Shapes. I’m not sure where this will go and what all it will encompass. This is just a test post to see how the builtin podcast enclosures might work