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Admitting Your Failures

“If you disagree with a decision that affects you, instead of condemning the person, #forgive. Instead of rendering judgment, offer #grace.” #COVID19 #Jesus #love #church

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For Christians, Climate Change Should Be No Surprise

Jesus spoke about what our world will be like before he returns. We often say that the world is ”going to hell in a hand basket”, and to a degree, it’s supposed to be. This doesn’t mean that as Christ followers we just sit idly by and watch it happen. We are called to stand […]

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When A Run Turns Into A Fight, With Yourself

This morning wasn’t hard because of the weather, the terrain, or my physical state, this morning my run was consumed with a battle of my emotions and an ugly part of me that rears it’s head every now and then. Unfortunately, I spent little time during my run in worship or prayer, most of it […]

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Devotions for Sacred Parenting #23: The Vice of the Virtuous

“When we don’t live as a people in need of grace, we expect others to be perfect, and we bitterly resent it whenever even the slightest imperfection puts us out.” – Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas It seems so easy to take our grace for granted. When we fall into this that […]

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Mercy and Grace in Relationships

“When we allow God’s love and mercy to flow through us to our spouse, we will find less conflict, more grace, quicker forgiveness and much more delight at home.” I know that too often, I jump to conclusions and assumptions instead of giving people, especially my wife, the benefit of the doubt. This an area […]

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Showing Love, Not Demanding A Life Lived Under The Law

This morning it hit me, during my devotion time, how so many of us that claim to follow Christ get caught up demanding others, and ourselves, live under the law as a measure of whether you are a Christ follower. Our world is in disarray. As the church we need to embrace our world in […]