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Being Prepared For Parenting

As much as I’d like to think that I was ready to parent the fact is that I owe a lot to my wife. If it wasn’t for my wife’s knowledge and experience my kids wouldn’t have had the experiences they have had so far. I’m still learning everyday day how to be a better […]

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Lifelong Learning As A Developer

“if you’re not enjoying learning new things about your job, what are you doing working that job in the first place?” – Bruno Skvorc


True Intelligence


WordCamp GR 2017 – Elementary, My Dear Coder – Nicole Paschen Caylor

Nicole Paschen Caylor – The Hour of Code Kodable – paid program, self-guided game Tynker – Code Spark Academy Computer Science Curriculum Uses drag-n-drop code blocks Points out more efficient ways of accomplishing task ScratchJr – found on PBS Kids as well(provides more familiar characters) Scratch – for older kids Tips for Success […]

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Love The Makerspace Plan By My Daughter’s Teacher

I love that my daughter’s teacher is planning to do a Friday Makerspace in his classroom. It’s so awesome to see teachers try new ways of learning!