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WordCamp US 2019 – Securing WordPress in the age of 0-Day Vulnerabilities – Rahul Nagare 0-Day Vulnerabilities Recently discovered No current fix Already being attacked Reference – Why My Site? They want to send your traffic somewhere else to boost SEO rank They want to use your site as a “bot” to attack a targeted site. How Do You Protect Your Site? Protection Against Redirects Hardcode your site/home […]

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Better SSH Authentication with Keybase

I love the concept of SSH Key CAs and signing user keys. #security


The Last Podcast On My Current Listening List

I’ve been listening to podcasts for the better part of the last 10+ years. There have been many that have come and gone, and for sure I’ve enjoyed them all. There is however 1 podcast that currently remains on my must listen to list. That is Security Now with Steve Gibson, hosted by Leo Laporte. […]