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The Time Has Come…

Well, for those that have long awaited a post to thie fabulous blog, here we go. This will probably be a short one. So much has been going on since my last post, actually a lot happened through December that I didn’t even get time to write about. I’m really looking forward to life settling down a bit.

The first day of youth group begins tomorrow, and we had are first youth praise team meeting today, since Christmas that is. Tonight we just came up with a list of songs we want to do this winter/spring. I’ll be putting together the set lists and get them all the songs. I’ve even created a schedule that will be available online as well. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with the youth. We had a really excellent youth leaders this past Saturday that really put some things into perspective for all of us I think.

It finally came to me today, that I need to get back in the groove of the semi-circle, you know from the Life Shapes that I’ve talked about in the past. Life is so much more enjoying when you work from rest. The reality of it all is that these things I have been working on, while they are good things, are not so important in the grand scheme of things. It’s so easy for me to want to give everyone the world, I end up running myself ragged and my life suffers in all areas. I really wanted to get into a regular excercise routine (thanks for the jokes :-P), and unless I carve out a set time it won’t happen. Also my spiritual growth, specifically my reading and devotions time, has suffered some over the past couple of weeks. I think finally tonight I shall get my body back on the early to bed and early to rise schedule. With any luck I’ll be trying out one of those workout DVDs from my friend tomorrow.

On a good note, I have had some wonderful and amazing spiritual conversations with people over the past couple weeks. That is the kind of conversations I miss having from way back when I was a counselor at camp. I remember many nights sitting in an extra room, or in a hallway, talking about stuff that counts & praying for each other. Those were some wonderful times. It’s times like that, as they come along in life, that I really cherish. God has been working amazingly in my life over this past fall. I know the difference has been taking time each day to spend in His Word, oh how He has blessed that time. This is the key, and I think it finally took an understanding that the Christian life is not meant to be easy in anyway, and if you’re feeling that your Christian walk is easy, chances are you’re not growing much. It’s through the hardness of things that real growth comes, when we get out of what’s comfortable. This is a huge thing for me, even now I’m longing for a return back to a “normal” schedule, but my only desire really is that my time with God doesn’t suffer. If a normal life means a stale spiritual walk, then no thank you.

On one final note. I haven’t talked about eHarmony much, partly cause I haven’t had a lot come of it, except that isn’t entirely true. I have more recently been in communication with a couple of people. At this point I’m going about it with no expectations, nothing more then having an opportunity to meet some interesting people. If something more comes of it then great, either way I think I’ll most likely let my subscription run out. I think I’ve finally come to a point where I can truely say that I’m leaving it in God’s control. I’m not “giving up” as some might say, I’m simply going to take life as God brings it my way. I think I’m getting to the point where I could feel comfortable going on a date without needing it to mean something. I guess I’m finally coming to terms with my feelings of inadequecy. I may have felt that women wouldn’t be interested in me, well if that my feeling why would they want to be with someone who feels that way? Duh. I actually had a perfect stranger tell me how good looking I was, and that I reminded her of a previous boyfriend. I was pretty amazed and humbled by this.

Well, of course I’m back to the long winded posts again. Perhaps this wasn’t long enough to make up for the lost posts, oh well. Sometimes life just gets busy, and some things have to just get left by the wayside.

Before I go…oh how I was envious, and bummed, about the new Intel Macs that were announced today. Wish my ole iBook would have held out a little longer. My new PowerBook has been serving me very well but the possibilities that an Intel Mac suggest just seem too good. Well, perhaps within 6 months they shall come out with a cheap Intel MacMini that I might justify buying.

Well, my eyes are calling me to go to sleep. Until the next post, which should be soon and more often, valete!

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  1. sorry i havent written in forever, life’s been anything but slow around here. It was good catching up on your life again though… i’ve been prayin for ya!
    talk to you later

  2. Yeah, one interesting thing it this supposed Intel PowerBook(MacBook Pro) seems almost more on spec with an iBook than a PowerBook. I haven’t had a chance to looks at full detailed specs yet so this is only my first impression.

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