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Odd Holiday Week, Real Healthy Living Test

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This was a strange Holiday season with the timing of how Christmas and New Years fell, day-of-the-week wise. We had to celebrate our own Christmas a couple of days early and then traveled over the Holidays. Neither Christmas or New Years has felt like it was actually happening. We’ll still be celebrating Christmas with my in-laws in the next week. I’m not sure how next year so play out but I think we’re going to be taking breaks from traveling to Minnesota for Christmas, and go only every other year.

It has been interesting trying to celebrate the Holidays and manage a healthy lifestyle. I will say that my wife and I together have done about as best as can be expected. We’ve both made a point of eating as much good things as possible among all the Holiday junk food around us. I couldn’t resist having some of my favorites, in small portions. We both got in some running to help offset the travel sitting and junk food. It will be nice to get back home and on to a normal routine of food and exercise. I’ll be a little anxious to see how my weight fared this week when I weigh in. I’m not going to be too hard on myself either way.

Here’s to looking forward to a healthy and exciting 2017!

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