Starting Off Another Week With A 4 Mile Run, And Feeling Good

It was hard to get up this morning but after getting out the door, and getting some time in, I finished my run and actually felt good both physically and mentally. It’s the first run in a long time that I could say I felt good when I was done, and on top of that I felt good about my time/distance/pace.

I’m really trying to focus on just getting some running time in, and soon I’ll start my 25K or marathon training. I haven’t decided yet what my race plans are going to be. I know that I can’t manage a full marathon and a 25k all in one week. My choice is to either only do the half marathon followed by the 25K or defer the 25K to yet another year. I was hoping to really challenge myself to get back on track with my running by doing another full marathon. However, maybe this is God’s way of telling me that I need to change my focus.


34 °F Clear Sky

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