WordPress Site Migration

Ways to Tackle the Move to New Hosting

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April 20th, 2023

Tim Nolte

Technical Architect – Forum One

Social Media: @tim@mastodon.timnolte.com
GitHub: https://github.com/timnolte

Ways to Migrate Your Site

  • “Automatic” or Managed
  • Manual

“Automatic” Migration Methods

Hosting Provider Migration Options

Hosting Provider Migration Options Pros

  • Well Supported for the Hosting Target
  • Generally All Inclusive
  • Support Team That Knows the Ins/Outs of the Hosting Target
  • Often Completely Hands-off or 1-Click
  • Included With the Cost of Hosting

Hosting Provider Migration Options Cons

  • Generally Single Use
  • May Not Be Compatible With Source Hosting
  • Different Tool Required for Each Hosting Target

“Automatic” Migration Methods

Backup/Migration Plugin Options

Free (w/ Premium Add-ons)


Backup/Migration Plugin Options Pros

  • Free Options
  • Longer Term/Wider Range Usage
  • Familiar Tool
  • No Hosting Provider Lock-in
  • Used on Multiple Sites

Backup/Migration Plugin Options Cons

  • More Hands On
  • Free Tools will Have Sometimes Minimal Support
  • Incompatible With Either Source or Target Hosting
  • May Require a Premium License/Add-on for Support or Features

Manual Migrations

  • Database Export/Import – phpMyAdmin/WP-CLI
  • File Backup/Restore – Web Control Panel Backups/SFTP/File Uploads
  • Configuration File Editing

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