Showing Love, Not Demanding A Life Lived Under The Law

Galatians 5:13‭-‬14 NLT

This morning it hit me, during my devotion time, how so many of us that claim to follow Christ get caught up demanding others, and ourselves, live under the law as a measure of whether you are a Christ follower. Our world is in disarray. As the church we need to embrace our world in love just as Christ showed the whole world. How we easily forget that Christ died for us while we’re still sinners. How then can we not follow his example and show that kind of love to our world?

Friendships, The Longview

As I read my devotional this morning I was reminded of the importance of deep rooted friendships. As we go about what seems like one busy day to the next, we need to make sure we aren’t letting the relationships that matter fade and die. It takes work to maintain deep friendships just like it takes work to build a marriage. God never intended us to do this life alone, we are designed for relationships. It’s relationships that will outlast anything else we build here on Earth.

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