Timothy J Nolte
Application Developer at Sprint
Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area | Telecommunications

For about the past 20+ years I have been an active developer in the web industry. I enjoy keeping up on all of the changes in technology, especially on the web front. My passion is for developing web-based tools and services to give people the tools to make their jobs and lives just a little bit easier. Give me a problem or challenge and I'll jump at the chance to find the solution. The question is never if something can be done it's just a matter of how long it will take or how much it'll cost.

Specialties: -Programming Languages: HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Mootools, JxLib, PHP, Perl, Java/JSP - Web Development Platforms: WordPress, ExpressionEngine, osCommerce, Secure Web Services, UMN MapServer (PHP MapScript), WMS/WFS Services, Google Maps API/Yahoo Maps API/MapQuest API, Apache/Tomcat, Dreamweaver, SVN, Oracle 10G, MySQL
-Hardware Platforms: Solaris SPARC/x86, Unix, Linux, Windows Desktop/Server, Mac OS X
-Software: Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite

Application Developer (2016 - Present)

Level 3 applications developer for trouble management.

Solutions Consultant (1996 - Present)
Nolte Digital Solutions

Reagan Marketing + Design ⋅ Fall 2009 ⋅
• Moving Flash site to HTML/CSS/AJAX/PHP site built on ExpressionEngine CMS

Iedesigns – 2009 -
• Provided contracted PHP & Javascript/jQuery technical support for Kammeraad Financial & Peerbolts Inc. projects

Lakes Area Network Solutions ⋅ 2006-2009 ⋅
• Commercial site with tools built on PHP & WordPress

Uffda Security ⋅ 2006-2009 ⋅
• Commercial website originally built on phpWCMS, now a statically managed site

Daybreak ⋅ 2007-2009 ⋅
• Non-profit site built on WordPress with custom built layout plugin
• eCommerce store built on osCommerce
• eTicket system built using custom PHP, fpdf & PHPMailer libraries
• Online Giving system built using PHP to track member giving, provides secure processing over the internet to

Websites No Longer Maintaining/Active:
• Church of the Lutheran Brethren (2005-2006) – 5 Sites including eCommerce & Secure Online Giving
• Inspiration Point Christian Camp & Retreat Center (1999-2004) – Mostly static site built with PHP templating
• Moe Gifts (2006) – eCommerce Storefront
• Cross Roads Range (2003-2004) – Sister site to Inspiration Point, same development platform
• Davisco Foods International, Inc (1996) – Staic HTML Site