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Some Call Me Crazy, But I’m More Sane Than You Think

What motivates me? There are a few things. My health, my family, water for the people of Sierra Leone Africa, and time alone with God. Oh, and I am a little crazy and actually enjoy it.

Daybreak Ironman Breakfast

Ironman Breakfast – February 2018: Jeff Henderson

When we are attacked, or when we fail, we need to run to God’s open arms. God wants us to be available right where we are at. Daybreak Community Church


The Keyword is “Since” Not “If”

As a follow up to my previous post it’s important that we remember that everything we are called to do as a Christ follower is in the context of “since” and not “if”. What’s...


All That’s Required is to Believe

The ONLY measure of a Christian is that they believe in Christ as their savior, and put their faith in that truth.

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