Tackling A Rainy And Intense Fitness Level Run

Despite it being a rainy morning it still felt good to be out for a run. After the 2017 #GRMarathon downpour, and consistent winter training, I’m pretty much good to run in anything. If you are going to run a race outside you have to train in everything if you want to be prepared. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun

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Just A Short Tuesday Run

It was nice to sleep in a little before doing the short run, especially given my #Endomondo training plan has me on a 5 run per week schedule. The only problem with these short runs is that I get a little too caught up in my speed. I love having the worship workout music pumping me up to full speed. It was pretty warm out already at 5am. #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

Working Hard To Make It Easy

This morning during my prayer and worship time I immediately thought of the #EnableTheChildren staff and kids and the impact that rainy season has on them. I also focused on the #WorldHope teams as they work on drilling new wells. Praying for safety and success as the teams work to put the wells in that the #HWI team raised money for. #Run4Water #WhyIRun #GRMarathon

Donate to Clean Water: https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr