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When Storms Test Your Faith

I can honestly say that both my wife and I are going through some difficult storms in our lives right now. Many days come that cause me to have no option but to trust...


Trusting In God’s Promises

I’m holding onto this promise dearly today. Be still in the presence of the Lord , and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their...


4 Weeks Before The Big 26.2

Most Africans only have the choice to drink water that will kill them or not drink water and die from dehydration.


WordCamp GR 2017 – Computers <3 Structured Data – Steve Grunwell

Steve Grunwell – https://stevegrunwell.com/ https://github.com/stevegrunwell/structured-data/blob/master/README.md What is Structured Data? Standards to help computers to understand our content. Content is for humans. Structured data is for machines. Structured Data Structured data is all about providing context...

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