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Starting To See The Light

So last night the kitchen flooring got done so today we got gas installed for the stove, and Internet installed. My brother-in-law helped me get our appliances moved in. I finished hooking up all...


Let The Flooring Begin

So tonight was officially the first night of flooring.Had a little help from my father-in-law, but the end was just me working on it and it was slow going. I’m not sure how I’m...


Cabinet Remodel, Finishing The Doors

Today I needed to finish up cutting down the cabinet doors, the last part needed to make room for the microwave above the stove. I got the table saw out for the first time...


Cabinet Remodeling Tonight

Vanessa picked up an oscillating multi-tool for me today so I could get the cabinet above the stove modified to fit the new microwave. Had to make a run for a second blade to...

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