DIY Featured Projects

Preparing For Next Year’s Garden

Spent the afternoon building a couple of 4’x8’x18″ raised garden beds. We’ll be getting them settled and filled with soil before winter so they’ll be ready for planting in the Spring. My son helped me with getting the corner 4×4’s cut and them helping me screw together one of them and a little of the […]

Family Featured Kids

Fun Day With The Kids And Family

We had a fun day with the kids starting off with a birdhouse building project at Home Depot. The kids didn’t want to go but in the end they had a lot of fun. On our way home from birdhouse building we stopped to checkout the animals at PetSmart. The kida of course wanted to […]

DIY Featured Life Projects

Hard Working Weekend, Deck Progress Was Made

Besides an awesome 5K training group run with the HWI Team Daybreak on Saturday it was pretty much a deck building weekend. I spent most of the day Saturday completing the deck support base. And on Sunday I was able to get cracking on screwing down the deck board. I completed half the deck. I […]