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Choosing A Life Of Integrity

Integrity is not defined by proclaiming to be honest; it’s defined by the choices we make. When it comes to integrity, our words have to match our actions. We can’t just say we have integrity. We must choose it. – A Life Of Integrity Life is all about the choices we make. Some of those […]

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Fighting For Integrity

We aren’t born with a heart of integrity, and if we want it, we have to fight for it. – A Life Of Integrity In a world filled with concern for only ones self, and the drive for success, integrity is always being challenged. It isn’t as simple as just making the good choice, we […]


Giving Our Best

The measure of our success should be attached not to our particular career or what we earn, but on our character and what we give.

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Keeping My Work in The Right Perspective

No matter where we find ourselves, we must consider our working as being done for Christ, not man. I just finished day 16 of the @YouVersion Plan Man Up. Check it out here: