Category: Daily Thoughts

Recap of what’s going on in my life each day.


Garbage In, Garbage Out…Life Is Work

To get good things out of your life, you have to first put good things in. [W]e don’t have a magic hat that allows us to pull something out of nothing. The positive character...


The Power And Authority Of Prayer

Prayer has always been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs for me. It all comes down to being authentic, real, and personal with God. Start reading this book for free:


How Do My Kids See Me Living?

Your sons learn more from you by observation than by lecture. I’m constantly challenged by how I’m training and teaching my kids. It’s not a easy task and we hope that we do a...


Your Wife Should Not Be Outserving You

This is not about having a competition with your wife on serving, it’s about taking a hard look at yourself as a husband and asking yourself what kind of leader are you. We live...

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