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Becoming A Legit WordPress Developer

Well I finally feel like I can legitimately call myself a #WordPress Developer. It’s been a great couple of weeks so far. I work with a great group of people that have genuinely welcomed me into the company. #ForumOne

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A Guideline For Every Workplace And Team

I wish that all workplaces and teams operated by these 7 things. I see too often the results of the things that are obviously not good for workplace teams.

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Lean Software Development and Lean Startup

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Workin’ From Home With A Sick Boy

Hanging out with my boy while I work. Little buddy’s got a stomach ache today. ?

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Being A Developer For Life…Can I Keep It Up?

photo credit: LeeroyBy now you’ve probably seen the viral clip of a father getting interrupted by his children while giving a live interview on BBC. Working parents everywhere, especially remote workers, could identify with the humorous embarrassment of the situation. Even those who have had pets interrupt Skype calls know the feeling. You want to… via […]

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We Are Designed For Work

“Try to see your job as a gift and as a calling.”