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It’s Late…But a Couple of Updates.

This is going to have to be short, I need to get ready for bed. Life’s been pretty great, but busy too. Vanessa and I have been busy planning wedding details and starting to get things ready at her place for me to move in. It’s tax season and I got my taxes all done and submitted last week. On the bad side my MN taxes are under review I guess, just got a not about it today. It doesn’t say that I’m being audited , but they sent me a questionnaire about my MI residency, perhaps they couldn’t believe that I’d think about moving to MI. 😛 jk Last week my PowerBook was sent off to Apple for a little repair. I also ordered…
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Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

(Proverbs 27:1-3) What a day today was. Surprises at every turn. So this morning I used my “snow blower” for the first time. I’m sorry to say (Mom & Dad 🙁 ), that that thing is not much more than a gas-powered shovel. I think I could have do it by hand faster. Well, can’t complain about the price I guess. Got to work with an unplowed parking lot, but behold there was 1 clearly open spot for me to park, yeah! It was nice to have gotten up at 5:30 again. I was feel pretty good today, pretty much back to my old self. Well after continuous looks at the UPS package tracking it appeared that I wouldn’t get my new PowerBook until tomorrow….