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It’s Late…But a Couple of Updates.

This is going to have to be short, I need to get ready for bed. Life’s been pretty great, but busy too. Vanessa and I have been busy planning wedding details and starting to get things ready at her place for me to move in. It’s tax season and I got my taxes all done and submitted last week. On the bad side my MN taxes are under review I guess, just got a not about it today. It doesn’t say that I’m being audited , but they sent me a questionnaire about my MI residency, perhaps they couldn’t believe that I’d think about moving to MI. 😛 jk

Last week my PowerBook was sent off to Apple for a little repair. I also ordered a nice 160GB drive to put in it after it got fixed. I used a slick little app called SuperDuper! to do a full system backup. With my over sensitivity to security I went a little crazy a removed all my important documents, passwords, keychains, etc from the machine before it was shipped off. I just got it back today and began the process of restoring my full backup and prepping the new drive. I decided to do a new install of Mac OS on the new drive and then a migration of all my data and apps to the new install. It’s working away and hopefully will be ready for the surgery. It doesn’t seem to major to take the machine apart, just need to keep track of all the screws. There are some great guides at ifixit.com.

Thursday I’ll be heading to a retreat with Vanessa and the church staff for the weekend. I’m looking forward to a some hanging out, and getting to know people better. Hopefully Vanessa and I don’t get lost this time. 😉 Well, the clock has ticked itself by. It sure feels nice to blog again. I don’t know what my problem has been. I’ll have to take the time to get on here and post some updates.

One more thing, Heroes is a great show! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out watch the episodes online at NBC and get caught up. The new shows are excellent. I can’t wait again for next weeks!

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