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WPGR: Learn about the Developer Tools in your browser

Firefox Developer Tools – Topher Inspector – look at HTML/CSS behind a web page Responsive Display Mode Console – look for errors (security/resource loading issues) Different results depending on when you open – loading...

Daybreak Ironman Breakfast

Ironman Breakfast – February 2018: Jeff Henderson

When we are attacked, or when we fail, we need to run to God’s open arms. God wants us to be available right where we are at. Daybreak Community Church

WordCamp GR 2017 – Computers <3 Structured Data – Steve Grunwell

Steve Grunwell – What is Structured Data? Standards to help computers to understand our content. Content is for humans. Structured data is for machines. Structured Data Structured data is all about providing context...

WordCamp GR 2017 – WP-API: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – J Andrew Scott

J Andrew Scott – History of APIs RSS Advantages Fast & reliable Easy to consume Almost no technical footprint Disadvantages Read-only Static content No authentication No user-driven content (i.e. comments, favorites, etc) DIY API...

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