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Running, Community, And Living With Purpose

I read this story tonight and it got me thinking about the journey I’ve been on but even more the HWI Daybreak community that I’ve been blessed to be apart of. Running has become...


Eating Right For Running

As my wife and I have been on a journey of eating healthy, and being more active, I’m always interested in ideas for new recipes or things to try for snacks/meals/etc. Following some of...


Great Training Run With Friends This Morning

Loved being able to do a training run with other guys. 3 things happen, first you’re building relationships and community. Second you’re keeping your heart rate and pace in check as you carry on...


Great HWI Group Run, And A Personal Best

Had a great HWI Team Daybreak Group Run this morning. I love our community, and I especially love running with someone else. Training on your own definitely takes a lot of discipline, and having...

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