Family Featured

Celebrating The Greatest Act Of Love By God

What a joy filled day off celebrating the birth of our Savior with family. I look forward to continuing the celebration over the next week and a half. #Christmas #family #thanks #love

Sierra Leone Traveling

Day Camp in Kathirie, Celebration And Sharing The Love

Today started off a little bit slower. There was a little bit of a communication problem with breakfast but it all worked out with plenty of time before our World Hope transportation arrived. Terry and I actually had a little time to chat with some of the hotel staff after breakfast during and after the […]

Daybreak Music

Live 80s Music at the Daybreak Volunteer Celebration

I had the pleasure to join the regular staff at Daybreak and serve all our amazing volunteers. On top of that I enjoyed taking in an 80s music concert as well. I was in elementary school in the 80s so some would think that I would identify more with 90s music. It’s a both/and relationship […]