Live 80s Music at the Daybreak Volunteer Celebration

Live 80s Music at the Daybreak Volunteer Celebration

I had the pleasure to join the regular staff at Daybreak and serve all our amazing volunteers. On top of that I enjoyed taking in an 80s music concert as well. I was in elementary school in the 80s so some would think that I would identify more with 90s music. It’s a both/and relationship for me, but for whatever reason I gravitate to 80s music. The following song was played last night and came up on my Google Play Music station this morning. For sure a 80s favorite. Check out Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey:
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When God Moves…

Well, I have a feeling if I just let things start to fly this post might get rather lengthy. Hmm, hold on to your hat. 🙂 So today was sort of a struggle for me. The part of my job that I like the least is having to sit at a computer and correct people’s addresses, or add them to a mailing list, yuck. I’m finding I’ve become bored with the whole thought of doing data entry. The things I always like about computers and technology in general are making them do cool new things. Also not just do cool things, but things that can help people better accomplish their work. Well, I’m at a loss to know any better, or cool, way to get…