Still Liking This Song

♫Compass (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Jonathan Thulin, Manwell Reyes, from #SoundHound _____________________ You can check out the song Compass (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Jonathan Thulin, Manwell Reyes at

Daybreak Music

Live 80s Music at the Daybreak Volunteer Celebration

I had the pleasure to join the regular staff at Daybreak and serve all our amazing volunteers. On top of that I enjoyed taking in an 80s music concert as well. I was in elementary school in the 80s so some would think that I would identify more with 90s music. It’s a both/and relationship […]

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Newsboys Concert Date Night

Date night thanks to Vanessa winning tickets to the Newsboys concert. #GodsNotDead Muskegon, Michigan, United States of America

Music Programming Work

My Typical Music Selection For Focused Development Time

Bands Music Videos

Combining Running and Music

Came across this video from a band, Miracles of Modern Science, I follow on YouTube. A fun mashup of running and music.

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When God Moves…

Well, I have a feeling if I just let things start to fly this post might get rather lengthy. Hmm, hold on to your hat. 🙂 So today was sort of a struggle for me. The part of my job that I like the least is having to sit at a computer and correct people’s […]