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Unfortunate News…

So I didn’t get a blog entry in yesterday. Oh well, not much went on. I spent a good portion of the day trying to work out wireless issues. I won’t go into the details, however, ended up spending time today working on it too. I guess it’s back to the drawing board on this […]

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Youth Group Kickoff…

Well, today work was pretty normal. Nothing too special. We had the youth group kickoff and things seemed to go pretty well. I got over to the church about 5:15 or so to get the sound system & projection equipment all setup. I worked on fine tuning OpenSong a little during break at work and […]

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iTunes 5 Not Ready for Prime Time…

So I got home tonight and wanted to checkout the news from Apple today. I saw the ads for the new iPod Neo and the iTunes phone. I also saw that there was a new iTunes 5. I went to Software Updates and upgraded my iTunes, I’ve done this in the past without problems. Well […]

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Weekend Recap…

Ok, so I guess I took a break from the whole blog thing, sort of. Basically I ended up adding some additional features and tweaks. I never did get to see any friends. Oh well, hopefully another time. Sunday, my family and I headed off to the Minnesota State Fair with my aunt and uncle. […]

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Nothing Exciting, But Frustrated…

Well, nothing special today. I didn’t even get up until like noon. I was up late, as is most nights. Did some lunch then back to the blog. This blog thing has really taken over. I think the big thing is it’s my only outlet for for talking, don’t really have anyone to hang out […]

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Katrina Victims, In Our Prayers…

I was listening to a Podcast yesterday on my way to my parents(, and one comment that was made on there was how the online blog community hasn’t been as active, concerning the Katrina victims, as they were after the tsunami hit South Asia. I was working on my blog, man I’ve been working a […]