Where Have All The Posts Gone?

So it would seem that I really lost touch with my blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if no reads the thing anymore, although I do know that some have you have bugged me about it. So what’s my excuse? Life. Yeah, I know that’s a poor excuse but I’ve been bust working away trying to do what I need to do if this move is going to happen. Don’t misunderstand me here…my desire is that God be in total control of all the details, but I am responsible for looking for a job, and doing my part for the sale of my house.

Well, here’s a brief recap of the past couple of weeks. Over Memorial weekend I headed down to Le Sueur for my sister’s graduation. Vanessa came in on Friday and stayed through Tuesday. Friday night and Saturday were busy and stressful days getting ready for graduation stuff. On Sunday was the actual graduation cermony. That eveing Vanessa and I went on a picnic. We finally had some time for ourselves. It was an amazing evening! On Monday we went with my family to Valleyfair for the day. We had a blast getting wet and going on roller coasters. The weekend, and most specifically the time with Vanessa was too short. It has been harder for us to be apart over these past couple of weeks.

Well this Monday I got an excellent call. Before the Memorial weekend I got an initial call about a possible job. This Monday I got a call requesting an onsite interview. Welll, so I am all set to make anothe trip out to MI next Thursday. God’s pretty amazing how he provided this opportunity for Vanessa and I to see each other again. I’m really hoping that I can perhaps line up some other interviews maybe so that my trip isn’t wasted, job wise, for a job I don’t get. It’s going to be and interesting trip. I’m going to be taking a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago, then hoping on a train to Michigan. I’ll be doing the same in reverse on the way back. This will be my first train ride so I’m kind of excited about it, but nervous too.

Well, that’ll be all for now. I’ve been busy this week getting things cleared out, and starting to pack some things. tata!

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  1. I’m reading your blog – but of couse I was one of those people that was bugging you to do another one right :).

    OK – so I thought I should share my thoughts on the weekend. So one of the highlights was definetely the picnic that Tim planned for me. It was very special. He didn’t go into detail so I will (he is being modest). He spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the picnic the best it could be. He took me to a beautiful park where we sat at a picnic table next to a waterfall type feature that was created. He packed a lot of my favorites and brought sparkling grape juice with special glasses. He also gave me a gift, a journal. I love to journal, so it was the perfect gift! After the picnic, we walked and talked then we watched the sunset. OK – all the girls are at this point saying “ahh that is so romantic” right? It was amazing. So anyways, we had a great time.

    I loved meeting Tim’s family and just spending time with them. Valleyfair was so much fun to spend with most of the family – and it helped us cool down since it was really hot that weekend.

    Well – I better stop there as I have to get back to work. I like it when you write Tim – even though I get to talk to you all the time. 🙂

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a nice visit! I miss bugging you and having your over on thursday nights to play games! 🙁 I’m glad that you and Vanessa had a good time together…to bad I didn’t get to meet her! Bummer! It’s just to far right now to visit! Well I hope your job interview goes well! We will be praying even if Alex is forbidding you from moving! See ya

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