God’s Timing…Not Ours

(Exodus 11:1-10) Looking again at the story of Moses being used by God to bring the Isrealites out of Egypt, we can see that things didn’t go as the people, or Moses, had hoped. God, however, had a perfect plan in mind. I’ve talked about it before, but once again I am reminded, that in all things God has a plan for us. I really like both Proverbs 19:21 and also Proverbs 16:9, they both make it very clear that even though we may have something in mind, it’s ultimately God who is in control.

It can be very hard to accept God’s control and plan for our lives, especially when we have to deal with tough stuff. It can be very easy for us to awknowledge God’s plan/work when things are going great and seem to fall into place. However, that shouldn’t change when things are harder. The Isrealites began having an attitude of blaming and whinning, however they did eventually learn to accept God’s timing for the things that were happening. What was even great was that it turned out that even the Egyptians where at the very least respecting Moses and awknowledging God working.

I think sometimes our self-centeredness is also the cause of us missing God’s plan, and the bigger picture. God’s plan may not seem to fit into what we want, however God may in fact be using that to teach someone else, as was the case with the Egyptians. We have a constant battle with our sin nature and that is what keeps us from trusting in God’s plans. We need to daily give our lives over to Him and His control.

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