Christ’s Call of Discipleship

(John 15:1-17) Whether we choose to accept it or not, as Christians we are all called to be disciples. We are not only to believe in Him, but follow Him also. At times it would seem that we can take the easy route as a Christian. It’s hard for me to imagine making the decision that you are going to believe in something but not let it be the guide in your life. More specifically, a Christian is not someone that just believes in Him, it is also someone that is His follower. Jesus asked that we pick up our cross and follow Him. He is asking us to take the hard road with Him. We can have confidence in knowing that He is right there with us when the road gets tough, He’ll even pick us up.

The sin within us always tries to find some way to justify our actions. We will even go so far as twisting the Scripture or even label it as metophorical or irrelevent for the times. God’s Word is absolute and true. We may not always understand it, and we’re going to struggle to follow it, but none the less we are called to follow it. God does not say that His commands are just an option for us to live by. Of course we are going to fail at it, however we are still called to it. Living the Christian life, and being a disciple of Christ, take life long practice. We will never be a perfect success, and that is why we need the forgiveness and shed blood of Christ, but we are still called to a life patterned after Christ.

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