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Garbage In, Garbage Out…Life Is Work

To get good things out of your life, you have to first put good things in. [W]e don’t have a magic hat that allows us to pull something out of nothing. The positive character traits we seek can only result from a daily commitment to prioritize actions and decisions that please the Lord. I don’t […]


Friendships, The Longview

As I read my devotional this morning I was reminded of the importance of deep rooted friendships. As we go about what seems like one busy day to the next, we need to make sure we aren’t letting the relationships that matter fade and die. It takes work to maintain deep friendships just like it […]


Making A Connection

So what does it mean to make a connection? In my mind it has everything to do with making other people feel like they matter. Making a connection with someone, or building a relationship, is not about what’s in it for me, but what I can do for them. As I’ve lead the Daybreak Online […]