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Garbage In, Garbage Out…Life Is Work

Day 2 of the @YouVersion Plan Living On Purpose

To get good things out of your life, you have to first put good things in. [W]e don’t have a magic hat that allows us to pull something out of nothing. The positive character traits we seek can only result from a daily commitment to prioritize actions and decisions that please the Lord.

I don’t know if it’s our American culture, our sinful nature, or something else entirely, but it seems that more often than not we want everything to be easy with little work or effort required. These lines from my devotional this morning speaks volumes into how we are to live, and how we shouldn’t be surprised when things don’t turn around so quickly for us. The reality is that pretty much all things in life, if we want them to be good, take work, especially any sort of relationship. And relationships are about the only thing that make a difference in view of eternity. What priority does God, our spouse, our kids, our family take in our lives. If those things, those relationships, aren’t at the top of our list, where we are spending the majority of our time, than we have completely missed an eternal blessing.

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