Culture Devotions/Studies Featured God @ Work Relationships

Admitting Your Failures

“If you disagree with a decision that affects you, instead of condemning the person, #forgive. Instead of rendering judgment, offer #grace.” #COVID19 #Jesus #love #church

Culture Featured Government Health Relationships

Let’s Fight Against The Virus Not Each Other

I wouldn’t call myself a Matthew McConaughey fan, but what he talks about in this news report is exactly where I’ve been at. If we stop worrying what the government is or isn’t doing and start carrying for each other I think we’re going to be much better off in the long run. Turning on […]

Featured Kids Parenting Relationships

Giving Your Time And Attention

Nothing can replace time. Kids don’t need things; they need time. YouVersion plan ‘Better Together’. Check it out here: Just last night I had the opportunity to help start the Watch D.O.G.S. program at my children’s elementary school. One of the reasons for this is put together so nicely in my devotions this morning, showing […]

Devotions/Studies Featured Relationships

Better Together: Share Your Life With Others

Community is God’s answer to despair. You were made to share your life with others! Now is the time to find the people who will support you through life, who will rejoice with you in your victories and weep with you in your trouble. Day 3 of the @YouVersion plan ‘Better Together’ ( “Be happy […]

Featured Relationships Running

Knocking Out Another 14 Miles With The Hope Water Team

Only $355 more to go before October 20th, #GRMarathon day. That’s another 53 people that will get clean water in Africa. Just another $12.25 a day from partners to hit the goal. Who’s with me? #HWI #Run4Water #WhyIRun It was great to be able to join the Hope Water team again this morning and […]

Featured Friends Running

Early Morning 10 Miles With My Running Partner

Had a great training run with my good friend John this morning. Always love running with this guy. #HWI #HessLakeRun #GRMarathon