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7 Miles A Day Challenge – Day 4 Complete

Finished day 4 and still feeling good. Even did better on my pace and got a little bit of extra distance in. Been amazed with what God’s been doing. It’s been a pretty awesome week. #hwi #sierraleone #cleanwater Hudsonville, Michigan, United States of America

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7 Miles A Day Challenge – Day 2

Finished day 2 of my 7 miles a day challenge and feeling good looking forward to the days ahead.

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Some Call Me Crazy, But I’m More Sane Than You Think

What motivates me? There are a few things. My health, my family, water for the people of Sierra Leone Africa, and time alone with God. Oh, and I am a little crazy and actually enjoy it.

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Moving On From A Marathon…It’s Really Not About Me

So today is the 2nd day since completing the marathon, and unfortunately I find myself in more of a discouraged state than in celebration of my accomplishment. There are many things going through my head, many thoughts that cause me to be more disappointed with marathon Sunday. Nothing played out like I had hoped. I […]

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Completed My First Marathon…

Today was a pretty big day for me. I completed my first ever marathon. It was a tough day, with the down pouring rain, wind gusts of 20 some miles per hour, and getting cramps in my legs that slowed me down, I ended the race pretty discouraged. Not to mention I ended up having […]


Final Training Run

A day late on posting this. Better late than never, right? It’s hard to imagine that I’m only a couple of days away from the marathon. I so appreciate this guy training with me these past many weeks. Looking forward to hitting the next milestone and crossing the finish line together.