Time To Get Serious: Better Than Gold

Psalm 19:7-14, we need God’s Word. This passage in the Psalms is telling us what the Word of God can do for us: 1.) it’s comprehensive; and can change your whole person, 2.) it teaches you how to live; and gives wisdom, 3.) shows you the true path; you can’t see life as it really is without it, 4.) the Word is pure and perfect without fault.

The reading also talks about how so many things in the world today take away from being in God’s Word, and holding it more valuable. The reading also got me thinking about the difference in reading a Biblical-based study, and just reading the Bible straight-up. I had the pleasure of talking with my families old neighbor over the weekend. She was telling me about the solid Bible teaching that was preached at her church. God’s Word was presented and studied verse-by-verse. There was a period in High School when myself and another youth and a youth leader did this on a weekly basis in the mornings. The amount of learning that came through that time was like none other. I think about now, and sure I’m doing this study which involved first reading a passage then reading a devotion text about it. I’m also going through LifeShapes. The thing that I’m not apart of right now is delving only into the Word, and letting God speak to me directly and not through someone else’s words. So to actually put LifeShapes into practice, I now need to come up with a plan for this. I will need to think about this today. Something I should finish the day with.

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