Just A Short One

Well, here I am in the wee hours of the night. So the pleasant act of IMing and playing music caught me up tonight. I pretty much got my taxes done, and it looks like a good tax return. Too bad I have debt, I go out any buy one of them fancy 5G iPods, 🙂 Well, I’m hoping in the next couple of years to have all the small debt paid off. Then it’ll just be down to the big stuff like the car & house.

I didn’t get my devotions in this morning like I had hoped, was up too late again of course. However, I wasn’t going to let my day go by without spending some time in the Word. So I took some time during my lunch hour. This was excellent!

Well, I’m guess by now I think I’m an uncle, which just seems crazy. Now I feel old. Well, so it goes.

As I said, a short post tonight, none the less I did at least get a post in.

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