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Hoping to Get Back in The Groove…

Something that came up at our Life Shapes meeting this morning, was the subject of mission. This is something that I’ve been sort of struggling with, in that I’m trying to determine what my mission should be. I think this brings me back to the Purpose Driven Life. I have felt, for a long time, that my heart is for youth. This has been what has drawn me to my years working at Inspiration Point, and my current involvement with the Bethel youth. I’m not sure how the Missional Community of Faith and my heart for youth might be tied together. This is something that I’ll be looking for God’s direction in, as is life in general. Well, this is just s short post. Let’s hope I can get back into more regular posts.

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  1. Hey Man,

    Life doesnt always pan out like we want it to, but I know that God definitely gave you a passion for mission. I know how hard it can be to have to wait on God for these kinds of things, but I think you alredy know that we learn just as much if not more while waiting on God for how He wants things to work out. Live each day knowing that you woke up for a reason to glorify God… in the end you’ll realize just how much your desire to be in missions has come true.
    God bless

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