Making The Best Of A Rainy Weekend Camping At Jellystone, Fremont-IN

Campground Train Ride

After a rocky start to the weekend on Friday we did our best to make the most of a rainy weekend at the Jellystone Campground in Fremont Indiana. We started off Saturday morning with our big breakfast meal. After breakfast, and a little fishing, we took in a train ride around the campground.

Family Fishing

After our lunch we did some more fishing, of course.

Kids Fishing At The Pond

Both the kids enjoyed fishing, especially when they kept getting bites. The nice part is that the pond was catch and release, and the kids really didn’t care how big the fish were.

Family Wagon Ride

On Sunday the rain had mostly cleared out so we took in a lot more activities, including a wagon ride where the kids got to see some of the Yogi characters.

Picking Up Wood And Ice From The Ranger Station

Even though things were cool and damp we still needed ice and still managed to get some campfires in.

The kids were ready to get their annual pictures with the Yogi characters.

Jacob spent a good amount of time on Sunday looking for frogs and toads, along with some other kids that were also camping around the pond.

We finished off the last night of the weekend with another campfire with smores.

It was a challenging weekend for me but ultimately we had a good trip. I think we’re ready now to face rainy camping trips in the future.

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