Running With Purpose And Hope

I really worked on trying to keep it an easy run, and not push myself so hard, this morning. I made a point of listening to my heart rate, especially for a long easy run. I definitely had a lot on my mind. When I start lifting people, and needs, up to God in prayer I so easily hey overwhelmed with all the needs of so many that I know. Some days it feels like the world is just such a disaster.

Something hit me this morning though. Seeking God’s will and plan for your life was never presented as making for an easy life. The very fact that Jesus said “take up your cross and follow me” is pretty self-explanatory on what that is going to mean for your life. The hope comes from know that we don’t have it do it alone, Christ is there every step of the way. Especially when we run. ? #SauconyRunChallenge

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