Christmas Eating Recovery Run

Some people may not realize that I actually love food. One of my downfalls is also that I’m an emotional eater. That made the commitment to drastically change my eating habits no simple task. There were a couple of things that helped me stay the course on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

The first thing was that before the journey began I was diagnosed with #prediabetes, and if I didn’t make some changes I was going to have some major health issues in the future. The other piece was that my wife and I started that journey together. This made things like meal planning, and having healthy snacks on hand, a ton easier.

There was a lot of holiday snacking going on this week, and thank goodness there was fruit and vegetables included with the spread of snacks. I needed this intense run this morning. I was pleasantly surprised that the #holiday snacking didn’t totally sabotage my runs.

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