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Nothing Exciting, But Frustrated…

Well, nothing special today. I didn’t even get up until like noon. I was up late, as is most nights. Did some lunch then back to the blog. This blog thing has really taken over. I think the big thing is it’s my only outlet for for talking, don’t really have anyone to hang out […]

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Long Day, Long Ride…

Well, got pulled in a lot of directions at work today. Things were still pretty quite. No one else was around in my department. It sure was a Friday, things got to be rolling pretty well in the break room this morning. This is to be expected when Armin is around on a Friday. It […]

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Great IM Converstations…

I had some excellent IM conversations tonight. Was talking with Ginny and catching up to what their family has been up to. Sounds like Jim is getting steady business. He’s been doing a lot of work for Wells Fargo. And the home schooling has been going good too. We ended up talking about relationship stuff. […]