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Wisconsin Dells Army Ducks With Friends And Family

We had a great afternoon taking in a Wisconsin Dells feature. We’ve been to the Dells a few years now and haven’t taken in any of the attractions. We thought it was good to try something. #TheDells

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Early Morning 10 Miles With My Running Partner

Had a great training run with my good friend John this morning. Always love running with this guy. #HWI #HessLakeRun #GRMarathon

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Who’s Your Best Friend?

When you simply hang out together … when you carve out time for your most important relationship… when you make a point of sharing the little day-to-day moments… the results of that in your marriage are profound. – Biblical Secrets to a Happy Marriage This morning during my devotions time I was challenged with how I […]


Friendships, The Longview

As I read my devotional this morning I was reminded of the importance of deep rooted friendships. As we go about what seems like one busy day to the next, we need to make sure we aren’t letting the relationships that matter fade and die. It takes work to maintain deep friendships just like it […]