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Giving Your Time And Attention

Nothing can replace time. Kids don’t need things; they need time. YouVersion plan ‘Better Together’. Check it out here: Just last night I had the opportunity to help start the Watch D.O.G.S. program at my children’s elementary school. One of the reasons for this is put together so nicely in my devotions this morning, showing […]

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For Better Or Worse, The Ease Of Google Services And Devices For Kids

My daughter knows exactly how to send email on our Chromebooks and managed to do so, sending an email to my wife, without any prior direction from me. #kids #technology #parenting #gmail #email #education To provide some context, our home network and devices are all pretty well locked down and managed. Our 7 & 9 […]

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Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint of Special Needs Individuals

After discovering the realities of seclusion and restraint with our autistic daughter at school my wife an I are learning more about the realities of our schools and culture in how kids with special needs are being handled. We don’t disagree that something needs to be done, but there are alternatives that are safer and […]

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Good Parenting And God’s Work

Good parenting cannot guarantee a good result. For that, we must trust the Lord. – Parenting by Design Daily Devotional

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Devotions for Sacred Parenting #25: Stop Judging and Start Loving

“The sinful, selfish side of us truly wants and sometimes even expects a “perfect” child, but God doesn’t grant us “perfect” children in this fallen world—and even if he did, we imperfect parents would soon mess them up.” – Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with finding […]

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Devotions for Sacred Parenting #23: The Vice of the Virtuous

“When we don’t live as a people in need of grace, we expect others to be perfect, and we bitterly resent it whenever even the slightest imperfection puts us out.” – Devotions for Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas It seems so easy to take our grace for granted. When we fall into this that […]