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For Better Or Worse, The Ease Of Google Services And Devices For Kids

My daughter knows exactly how to send email on our Chromebooks and managed to do so, sending an email to my wife, without any prior direction from me.

To provide some context, our home network and devices are all pretty well locked down and managed. Our 7 & 9 year old’s don’t have complete free reign to do whatever they want, at least without bounds. Additionally, their elementary school uses Google for Education and they get school email addresses starting at 3rd grade.

My kids have experience and access to a lot of technology, both at school and at home. I’m a pretty big tech geek, given I’ve been a programmer and general IT person for the past 25 years. This can be both good and bad. My kids benefit with maybe being ahead of others, however that also comes with being even more responsible parents and teaching my kids on the good uses and bad uses of technology, and generally how to be good netizens. And using their advantage to help others.

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