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Early Morning 10 Miles With My Running Partner

Had a great training run with my good friend John this morning. Always love running with this guy. #HWI #HessLakeRun #GRMarathon

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Completed My First Marathon…

Today was a pretty big day for me. I completed my first ever marathon. It was a tough day, with the down pouring rain, wind gusts of 20 some miles per hour, and getting cramps in my legs that slowed me down, I ended the race pretty discouraged. Not to mention I ended up having […]

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Day at the Chula Vista Water Park, Wisconsin Dells

Had a fun day with the family and friends at a water park near our campground. Pretty sweet inclusive deal with our campsite rental.

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Great Training Run With Friends This Morning

Loved being able to do a training run with other guys. 3 things happen, first you’re building relationships and community. Second you’re keeping your heart rate and pace in check as you carry on a conversation, or try to. ? And last the time and miles seem to fly by since you’re focusing less on […]

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Great HWI Group Run, And A Personal Best

Had a great HWI Team Daybreak Group Run this morning. I love our community, and I especially love running with someone else. Training on your own definitely takes a lot of discipline, and having these group runs make for a great motivator to keep going during the week. I’m hopeful that I can join a […]

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Friends At Work

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to once again work with one of my close friends. What’s cool is that God brought me to Michigan not only because of my wife, but He placed me in a job where I had the opportunity to build a solid relationship with my co-worker Jon Kay. Since returning […]