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Celebrating The Greatest Act Of Love By God

What a joy filled day off celebrating the birth of our Savior with family. I look forward to continuing the celebration over the next week and a half. #Christmas #family #thanks #love

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Sweating It Out On A Tuesday Run

OK, since my post text just got all blown away from a dumb paste instead of copy here’s the #TLDR of it. #humid #sweat #TrainingPlan #OffTheRails #NoTrainingPlan #Prayer #ETC #Ronkorhun #PrayersForMyFamily #HWI #GRMarathon #Run4Water

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Weekend Family Camping Recap

Had a great weekend camping not far from home at Woodchip Campground in Byron Center. Weekend was filled with a bunch of fun activities with the kids including time in the pool and time with some of Vanessa’s family. We haven’t decided if Woodchip will become an annual location or not. Woodchip Campground, 7501 Burlingame […]

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God’s Working

In an effort to trying posting on a regular basis, here goes #2 for the year. 🙂 Recently over the course of a few weeks I applied for a job, got 2 intrviews and was offered a job. The job, in-and-of itself, I would have loved, however it would have come at a great financial […]