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Family Movie Night At Terra Square

I love that our community plans activities for the family. Watching the movie Sing tonight with the kiddos. Hudsonville, Michigan, United States of America


Still Liking This Song

♫Compass (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Jonathan Thulin, Manwell Reyes, from #SoundHound _____________________ You can check out the song Compass (feat. Manwell Reyes) by Jonathan Thulin, Manwell Reyes at https://bnc.lt/Scoe/oPO0yEZKWG


Where Does Our Identity Come From?

“What we do and how others view us does not determine who we are … only God determines who we are.” – @YouVersion Plan #WISDOM


Prudence Not Arrogance

It isn’t by chance that these two verses are together, being prudent and cautious doesn’t mean being arrogant.

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