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Expectations, Communication…When Life Gets Too Busy

Well I got a rather unfortunate email today. I’ve basically been let go for the website project I was working on. The truth of the matter is there were things that myself and the company that hired me didn’t do very well. I kind of feel a little frustrated as I thought I made myself very clear how busy my schedule was before they agreed to hire me. Apparently I didn’t do a good enough job. It would also seem as though they really didn’t read the contract before they agreed to it. It clearly states what I was expecting. I guess I’m fine with not having to worry about it any more however, I just feel as though they could have done a better job in their communication too. I asked for things and hardly got a response. It was obvious that I should have explained the development process so they understood clearly how important it was for me to get the things I asked for. They seemed to think a website can be designed out of nothing. I will accept equal part in the blame for what happened. Things came up, and I made some choices that prevented my from completing things in the time frame they wanted. It still bothers me that they feel I basically lied to them. I guess perhaps I’m dealing with people that don’t feel there is anything more important in life then working. My hope is that there won’t be any consequences that end up in some kind of court battle or something. I suppose the word will get around that I shouldn’t be hired for this kind of work. Although at this point in time I’m not looking to take anything like this on for a long time. Side jobs are nice for the extra money but not at the expense of taking over your life and having no time for people.

Well, not much else to talk about here. One pretty great thing that happened today was I got our first blogger going on the new, still in beta testing, CLB Blogs. I got Jeff Olsen who is pastor that is working to start a church down in Florida, Grace Community.

Oh, one final thing is that I did go over and play a good game of Settlers of Catan tonight at John O’s. We’re going to be making it a regular Thursday night thing. It’s basically about 4-5 guys, mostly seminary students.

Well, it’s about time to be getting to bed soon. I’m going to try to finish a little laundry, and I’m hoping the music DVD I’m trying out (compliments of Roxio Toast 7). It’s suppose to have a menu system and be encoded with Dolby Digital. It’s basically taken all day to do the audio encoding. We’ll see how it turns out. I’m thinking it might be kind of slick for leaving in the DVD player and I can easily navigate to music I want to listen to. I’ve been just using the iPod but without something to navigate it remotely it’s kind of a pain. Perhaps if/when I ever get a new one, iPod that is, I might find a setup that can better integrate it into my stereo.

Well chow all!

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